Our Mission

So, here’s the story about us. We are unconventionally conventional. We are exceptionally normal. See how we define ourselves? It really isn’t that important to define ourselves in a rigid way to create our identity. We are not here to change the way you live or view your life. We are here, dedicated, to help you understand your wellness needs.

See. Wellness is not a set of rules that you need to follow. It’s not disciplinary and it definitely is not rigid. It’s a lifestyle of choice. It should be FUN and ENJOYABLE.

Wellness is very personal and it’s not something that can be replicated like copying and pasting. Everyone is different and that’s why we always emphasise its personal and it takes individual to understand it’s own wellness. We are here to help 🙂

Even 2 individuals who have the same condition will react to the world differently, because we are all made different. Every wellness recommendation has to be personal to be able to realise its effect to the maximum. To achieve such ideology, one will need to apply recommended knowledge at a very personal level. In other words, one will need to understand oneself’s current state of wellness, tolerance, acceptance and commitment levels, and surroundings. These are all very important factors to the success of all remedies, applied to as well to modern medicines.

Starting to sound like a self-discovery journey? Yes, ultimately, we want to awaken your self-discovery ability to start listening and understanding yourself. Your body, mind and soul should be aligned and must be so integrated that it heals itself by its actions. We, at HERB TREE, have embarked on a journey to new discovery of our full potential and would like to invite you to be our audience. We are dedicated to share our products and knowledge of leveraging the natural remedies and enhancement we can get with our surroundings.